10 Tips for Exercising in the Winter!
By Alison Kreideweis (Co-Founder & Coach, Empire Tri Club)

Evidence shows that people who workout through the winter are less likely to gain weight & suffer depression than those who don’t. Additionally, breaking a sweat can actually increase your energy levels, stimulate your senses, and decrease tension and frustration. Plus, cold weather workouts can be invigorating!

So don’t let winter drag you down! If you’re looking for motivation, inspiration, or innovation to get you moving, here are 10 tips for exercising in the winter that can help you keep your fitness goals on track…

Try a new class – Barre Method? Metcon 3? Shockwave? There are tons of innovative new group fitness classes out there! Why not use this time to try out a new class? If you belong to a gym, download the group fitness schedule and keep it on your desktop. Don’t have a membership? Score a class-pass through Groupon, Classivity or FiTIST… or contact a gym about a trial membership or daily guest pass.

Warm up with Bikram Yoga – With temps in the teens, why not warm up in a hot yoga studio! Not only will you feel warm and toasty, but you’ll also stretch and strengthen your muscles!

Hit the mountains – Winter is a great time to escape to the mountains where you can find lots of fun activities like skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing! Stay local and go for a day, or make a vacation out of it!

Dress in wicking layers - Wear clothing that will wick sweat away from your body. Find a base layer made of a synthetic fabric like polypropylene, wool or silk. Avoid wearing cotton directly on your skin because it holds on to moisture without wicking it away from your body. If it’s especially cold, a wind / waterproof outer layer will also be crucial to staying warm and dry!

Don’t linger outside for long after your workout – As you exercise, your body temperature will rise – even if its cool outdoors. But be cautious about stopping your workout before you’re back inside! As soon as you stop walking, jogging or hiking, your body temp will begin to cool down, leaving you quite cold if you don’t make in indoors quickly!

Spice up your treadmill, elliptical or spin workouts with interval training. If the thought of running on a treadmill, or riding a stationary bike sounds completely boring to you, perhaps mix up your sweat session with intervals. Try going hard for 2 minutes, and easy for 2 to break up the monotony. (Another tip – bring good music!)

Let it Snow! Running or walking in the snow can be blast – and burn more calories and fat than on an even surface (think: toned calf muscles!). Invest in a good pair of waterproof trail running shoes, winter cleats or Yaktraks, which slip over your shoes to add traction on snowy or icy roads.

Shovel, don’t plow. Next time it snows, think twice before calling the plow truck to come dig your car out. 30 minutes of shoveling snow burns about 200 calories. You’ll save money and tone your tush (and arms, legs and core!) by clearing your own driveway.

Pack a bag. People who bring their gym clothes to work are far more likely to actually hit the gym, than those who go home first. Especially with shorter days and colder weather, it’s hard to get motivated & out the door once you’re home.

What’s that app? There are hundreds of new fitness apps to motivate, teach and encourage you to make and keep fitness goals! Many fitness apps (like Map my Run, My Genius Trainer, and Strava) allow you to track your progress, log workouts, earn “kudos” or “points” for working out, invite friends to sweat with you, plan workouts, and will even demonstrate exercises – And they’re all just a click away.

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