Exclusive FITSTRAP Home Fitness Package

The FITSTRAP adds variety to your workout and makes exercising with resistance bands easier.

Used for fitness & physical therapy, the FITSTRAP is a simple door/wall strap that has 15 loops which are used for stretching or for attaching resistance bands. Men and women of all ages and fitness levels use the FITSTRAP for both strength and flexibility training.

1 Fitstrap / 1 Fitstrap Pamphlet / 1 Fitstrap Sample Circuit Workout / 1 Special Additional Workout

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Make a DIfference!!!
Exclusive FITSTRAP Home Fitness Package for Charity

For each FITSTRAP Package sold through the "Getting FIt & Giving Back" program, will donate 40% of the retail price to a charity of your choice or to our "Charity of the Month."

This Exclusive Package Includes:
1 FITSTRAP Pamphlet
* FREE - 10 Great Core Training Exercises Everyone Needs to Know
* FREE - Sample Circuit Workout
* Charitable donation of 40% of the package's retail price
* FREE Shipping within the continental USA

MSRP: $29.95 / Your Special Price: ONLY $25.00

What's Your Favorite Charity?
(New Jersey Residents are subject to Sales Tax) (Thank You for Supporting Our Charitable Causes)

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