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Rofami Inc. Core Training Routine..

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Frank Rotella's 45 Minute Full Body Strength & Cardio Workout of the Day
Warm Up (dynamic stretching)
Workout - products used (kettlebell 25lb, stability ball, bosu, FITSTRAP & resistance band))
Kettlebells squats - 50 reps
Single arm kettlebell chest press on the stability ball - 50 reps each arm
Bent over kettlebell back row - 50 reps each arm
Single arm kettlebell shoulder press - 50 reps each arm
Pull down with resistance band and FITSTRAP - 50 reps
Kettlebell Deadlifts - 50 reps
Upright rows with kettlebell - 50 reps
2,000 steps (a combination of run in place, butt kicks, hops, mountain climbers on the stability ball & jumping jacks)
Core Routine & Cool Down

30 Minute 1,000 Rep Full Body Fat Burning Workout

Warm Up Includes the Same Exercises as the Cool Down
Arm swings down 25
Pull down arm swing 25
Criss cross arm swing 25
Arm circles forward 25
Arm circles backwards 25
Back extensions 50
Side reaches 25 each side
Front leg swing 25 each leg
Jog in place 100 steps
Cross uppercut combo 25 each side
Standing Twists (50)

Toe touch to overhead reach 100
Run in place 100 steps
Push ups 100
Squats 100
Shoulder press push ups 100
Reverse lunges 50 each leg
Windmill toe touches 50 each side
Mountain climbers 100 steps
Back rows 100
Pilate 100s

Cool Down & Core
Arm swings down 25
Pull down arm swing 25
Criss cross arm swing 25
Arm circles forward 25
Arm circles backwards 25
Back extensions 50
Side reaches 25 each side
Front leg swing 25 each leg
Jog in place 100 steps
Cross uppercut combo 25 each side
Twists (50)
Knee pulls to chest two knees 50
Knee pulls to chest single knee 50 each leg (100)

Total Reps including the warm up and cool down are just over 2,000.. This workout took me 30 Minnutes.. You can cut back the number of reps if needed. Let us know how your like this workout. Your feedback is appreciated.

45 Minute Body Weight & Bosu Calorie Blast Workout
(According to my FitBit Flex I Burned about 1,000 calories)
Dynamic Warm up (5 minutes)
100 Bosu Push Ups (Bosu Dome Side Down)
100 Bosu Shoulder Push Press
50 Bosu Single Arm Upright Rows (Use the Bosu as the weight)
50 Bosu Squats (Bosu Dome Side Up)
50 Bosu Jumps (Dome Side Up)
200 Mountain Climbers (Plank position with hands on a Stability Ball)
100 Lunge Jumps
50 Tricep Presses with a Resistance Band and a FITSTRAP
2,000 – 3,000 steps (Spread these out throughout the workout)
Core Routine
Static Stretch

In Home Alternate "Filthy Fifty" Workout

Warm Up (5-10 minutes of dynamic stretching)
50 box jumps ( I did 50 jumps without a box)
50 jumping pull-ups (I did 50 Pulldowns with a resistance band and a FITSTRAP)
50 KB swings (I did 50 KB Swings)
50 walking lunges (I Did 50 Lunge Jumps)
50 hanging knees to elbows (I did Knees to elbow sit ups)
50 push press (I did 50 dumbbell Push Press)
50 back extension (super-mans) (I did 50 standing back estensions)
50 wall balls ( I did 50 aquats)
50 burpees (I did 50 burpees)
50 double undere (I did 150 Jumping Jacks)
Cool Down

Simple & Easy Cardio Workout

I burned between 1,000 and 2,000 calories in about 30-40 minutes...

Warm Up (5-10 minutes of dynamic stretching)
2,000 - 3,000 steps (Combination of Running on a Bosu, Jumping Jacks and Running in Place)
Core Routine (see above)

Full Body Strength and Cardio Workout with a Ketlebell or Dumbbell

Warm up (See video below in the 20-30 Minute Quick Sweat Workout)
Squats 50 reps with 35 lb kettlebell
Lunges 25 reps each leg with torso twist 35 lb kettlebell
Stability ball chest press single arm 50 reps with 35 lb kettlebell
Beak over back row 50 reps with 35 lb kettlebell
Fitstrap pull down 50 reps with heavy resistance band
Push press single arm 50 reps each arm with 35 lb kettlebell
Incorporate 2,000 - 3,000 steps into the workout or kickboxing
Core routine

K & F Strength Workout

Kettlebell, Fitstrap, and resistance band.. High reps and circuit training for a cardio workout too. Incorporate at least 1,000 steps in your workout. Steps can include jumping jacks, running in place, jogging in place, etc....

After the warm up start your workout (15 -25 reps of each exercise below for 2-3 sets)

Warm up 5-10 min
Kettlebell swings
Fitstrap chest press with sqaut
Fitstrap back row with torso twist
Kettlebell clean and press
Fitstrap pull down
Kettlebell lunge
Kettlebell figure 8
Core routine
Static stretching

Frank's In-Home Cardio Blast (Workout time Approx. 45-60 Minutes)

Warm Up (5-10 Minutes)
2,500 - 5,000 steps
I did a combination of the following exercises today to get in my steps.
(jumping jacks, run in place, run in place & kick your butt, run on a bosu, lateral jumps onto bosu, skater jumps, 5 spot jumping jacks, swithch stance jumping jacks, side to side hops, front to back hops, front kicks on the bosu, ladder drill side to side run, dance skip on & off the bosu)
Core Routine (See Above)
Static Stretching

Exercising Outside (Workout & Scenery)

It's always good to enjoy the weather. The other day I had an opportunity to walk about 6-7 miles while enjoying the beautiful scenery around the campus of the US Military Academy at West Point. If you're going to exercise outside, make it fun, ejoyable, and potentially educational. Here are some of the pictures from my walk around the US Military Academy.

FITSTRAP & Bosu Workout Strength & Cardio (40 - 60 Minutes)

Warm Up – 5-10 minutes (dynamic stretching and calisthenics)
Cardio (1,000 steps, jumping jacks, jog in place, etc.)
FITSTRAP with Resistance Band Should Push Press (50 reps total)
FITSTRAP with Resistance Band Back Row with a Torso Rotation (25 reps each arm)
FITSTRAP with Resistance Band Pull Down (50 reps total)
FITSRAP with Resistance Band Reverse Lunges (25 each leg)
FITSTRAP with Resistance Band Standing Figure 8's (25 TotalFigure 8's)
1,000 steps on Bosu ( Lateral Bounds, Jumps, run, etc.)
4 Way Hip (Leg Swings) 25 reps each leg each direction
Core Routine
Cool Down & Static Stretching

Full Body In Home Workout with the Lebert Equalizer and a Bosu

Warm Up
Run on Bosu (1,000 steps)
Lebert Equalizer (100 push ups)
Lebert Equalizer (100 rows)
Lebert Equalizer (100 squats)
Lebert Equalizer (50 Dips)
Lebert Equalizer (Bicycle Kick - 50)
Lunge Jumps (25 each leg)
Bosu (25 Lunges per Leg)
Jumping Jacks (1,000)
Front Kicks (50 each leg)
Side kicks (50 each leg)
Punches (Jabs 100 each arm)
Round House Punches (100 each arm)
Upper Cuts (100 each arm
Bosu Mountain Climbers (100)
Bosu Crunches (100)
Bosu Back Extensions (50)
Static Stretching

20-30 Minute Quick Sweat Workout

US Army Warm Up (see video below) (25-50 reps of each exercise)
1,000 steps (run, jog, walk in place)
Core Routne
Static Stretching


Bosu & Kettlebell Workout
Warm up.. 5-10 minutes

Busu burpee 10 reps x 10 sets
Bosu row 10 reps x 10 sets
Run on Bosu 100 steps x 10 sets

KettleBell swing 50 reps x 2 sets
Quick feet Bosu 50 reps x 2 sets
Upright row 25 reps x 2 sets
Dead lift 25 repsx 2 sets

Standing Figure 8 50 reps x 2 sets
Side to side swings 100 reps x 2 sets
Mountain climbers 100 reps x 2 sets

Core Training Routine

Cool down and stretch 5-10 minutes

Strength and Cardio Kettlebell Workout
All strength exercise performed with 15lb kettlebell. Total workout time about 50-60 minutes. You can cut the rep count to shorten the workout time.

Warm up 5-10 minutes
1,000 steps (ie run in place, jumping jacks, skip rope, etc)
Front kb swings 2 arms 50 reps
Kb side to side 25 each side
Single arm kb swings 50 each arm
Kb through legs figure eight 25x around eac leg
Single arm clean & press 50 reps each arm
Kb side bends 50 each sid
eSingle arm kb row 50 reps each arm
Kb Upright row 50 reps
Kb dead lift 50 reps
Kb front figure eight 25 figure eights
1,000 steps
Core routine

Cardio & Body Weight Workout
This is one of Frank Rotella’s recent workouts. Frank’s total workout time was about 60 minutes.
• Warm Up – 5-10 minutes (dynamic stretching and calisthenics)
• Cardio on the Elliptical for 30 Minutes
• Burpees (50 reps)
• Pull Ups (50 reps)
• Dips (50 reps)
• Body Weight Squats (50)
• Total of 1,000 Steps During the Workout (Run in place, jumping jacks, jump rope, etc)
Core Routine
• Cool Down & Static Stretching

Workout Notes:
If you only have 30 minutes to workout, cut all the reps in half and the cardio time to 15 minutes. For cardio, you can run, walk, jog, or do another form of cardio of your choice. For the strength exercises, you can do more or less repetitions than what is listed. The repetitions listed are what I did for one of my workouts. I broke down the exercises into 2 sets of 25 reps. In between each strength exercise I did 50-100 steps. For example: 1 set of 25 burpees followed by 50 jumping jacks followed by 25 burpees followed by 50 jumping jacks. If I chose to run in place between sets I would count each foot-to-ground touch as 1 step. Exercise at your own pace but remember to challenge yourself and check with your physician before beginning any exercise program.

Stay Tuned for More Workouts !!!!!

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