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Fitness Article:

Five Fitness Myths that Make People Fail!
By: Mirabai Holland © 2011 (Moving Free® with Mirabai)

Here are 5 fitness myths to steer away from:

Myth # 1: Pain Equals Gain
It is a popular misconception that only when you feel the pain are you gaining anything from your workout.
"The "no pain, no gain" mentality contributes to more injuries and more burnout than any other fitness factor, especially among my age group (baby boomers). It is wiser to exercise sustainably over a longer term, than to push yourself to the breaking point.

Myth # 2: A Taskmaster Equals the Best Teacher
Reality Exercise Shows that have recently become popular portray drill-sergeant-style trainers as being the most effective fitness mentors.
While leveraging fear and using intimidation techniques may mean instant short-term fitness results, they’re sending the wrong message about how to get and stay fit for a lifetime. Attainable short-term goals and positive reinforcement are more likely to create good fitness habits that are sustainable for life

Myth #3: Pumping up the Volume Equals Pumping up Your Physique
It seems some fitness instructors think screaming louder and blasting the bass is motivational. It's time to think again.
While high-decibel workouts might be temporarily motivational, over time these techniques become draining and stressful leading to faster fitness burnout. Look instead for uplifting music and gentle coaching in your workouts.

Myth # 4: Fitness Equals a Fight Against Your Body
Sales pitches that encourage "shaving off the pounds" and busting your abs or your butt have solidified the image of fitness as a battle against your body.
Fighting is not a sustainable activity or philosophy. Instead, think of partnering with your body. Meet it where it is at right now and provide the environment and tools to reveal your body's best potential. When you take this approach you are setting yourself up for success every step of the way.

Myth #5: Force Equals Fit
Today's popular exercise routines promote pounding your body into shape. But ancient fitness modalities, such as Yoga and Tai Chi and Dance had it right. Fitness is not about pumping the most iron or performing the most reps, it is about teaching your body how to move efficiently, using all of your muscles groups, and sustaining these movements over time. Exercise including strength training should be approached as a gradual lifetime process. This way, exercise becomes a pleasure not a chore.

Mirabai Holland M.F.A. is one of the leading authorities in the Health & Fitness industry, and public health advocate who specializes in preventive and rehabilitative exercise for people.

Her Moving Free® approach to exercise is designed to provide a movement experience so pleasant it doesn't feel like work. At this time of year when New Year Resolutions are just around the corner, I’d like to offer some suggestions on how to get into shape and stay there once and for all. Many of today's fitness programs are all about the quick sell and even quicker results. Many are based on dangerous fitness myths.

Health Article:

Chiropractic: Your Mind-Body Connection

Your Nervous System is Your Mastermind
Since the nervous system is the most important system in the human body, doesn’t it make sense to have it checked periodically? Your brain and spinal cord comprise the master system of your body. They control and coordinate every cell, tissue, organ, and system of your body. Realistically speaking, though, you probably take your car in more often for check-ups than you do your nervous system!

How Does Chiropractic Care Support Your Nervous System?
Chiropractors maintain the integrity of the bones that protect your nervous system’s control center. According to a University of Colorado study, it only takes about the weight of a dime (8mm Hg pressure) to affect nerve function and only 6% stretch on a nerve decreases its impulse by over 70% (Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery). You may not even feel this kind of light pressure, but it could be there and doing your body harm. Nerve compression can exist without pain (M. Hause in Spine)

By the time you have reached adulthood you have probably had every system in your body checked: your blood, lungs, eyes, ears, nose, urinary tract, etc. But you most likely have never had the system that runs those systems checked—the nervous system. Furthermore, you have been conditioned to think that when something goes wrong in your body, changing its blood chemistry (blood system) is the answer; that is, you have taken medications.

How Can a Chiropractor Measure Your Nervous System?
Measuring your nervous system with technology has rapidly become the highest standard of care over the past decade. Advances in Electric Myography, Thermography, Heart-rate variability, Algometry, and Digital Range of Motion have led to the ability to measure neurological efficiency. These quick, painless, non-invasive tests give you the advantage of knowing how the master system of your body is interacting with all of the other systems of your body. Being able to quantify your overall nerve system function, your health care can be focused on improving the performance of your master system, rather than on the secondary systems it controls and coordinates.

In our Chiropractic office, we utilize advanced chiropractic technology that scan your spine and deliver a computerized image of the stress and tension to your nervous system. X-rays are also very useful in detecting trauma or degeneration. Chiropractors are experts in palpation, using the hands to delve for vertebrae that are misaligned.

How Can You Have Your Nervous System Measured Today?
The most important step in becoming healthy is making sure your spine and nervous system are functioning right. Once this engine, this internal regulator, is functioning well, good health follows. Contact your local chiropractic office to see how they conduct spinal assessments. Start your New Year right by making sure that your Mastermind is functioning to its full potential.

About Dr. David Moore

During the past fourteen years, Dr. David Moore has built a successful private chiropractic practice, On Track Chiropractic Center in Clifton, NJ. Dr. Moore, a Clifton native, is dedicated to providing excellent chiropractic patient care and educating practice members about the Chiropractic Lifestyle.

Moore is a graduate of Bloomfield College, where he earned a B.Sc. in Anatomy and Physiology; his Doctor of Chiropractic degree is from New York Chiropractic College. Prior to providing chiropractic healthcare, Dr. Moore worked as a personal trainer, providing lifestyle education to clients at the Elmwood Park Athletic Club and Gold’s Gym. Both disciplines work in tandem to help people function at their highest level.

Dr. Moore has appeared on Health Talk and two Internet/radio shows: Power Hour and Thirty Minutes to Living Longer. He is a successful speaker to audiences who are interested in learning about living a healthy lifestyle. His engagements have included North Jersey businesses, Community Organizations and professional peer organizations including New Beginnings, Purposeful Connections, the New Jersey Association of Chiropractors and Learning Curves. On Track Chiropractic Center is a 100 Year Lifestyle affiliate in Clifton,NJ.

Moore is an active member of the North Jersey Regional Chamber of Commerce and serves on the Counsel Region Board of the Association of New Jersey Chiropractors. He lives with his wife Elisa and their three children, Max, Hailey and Stella, in Glen Rock, New Jersey.

Contact Dr. Dave
On Track Chiropractic:
Phone: (973) 253-7005

Professional of the Month:

Frederick Carl Hatfield, Ph.D. ("Dr. Squat")
(President of the International Sports Sciences Assoyu8ciation (ISSA)

Born in Williamstown, Massachusetts on October 21, 1942, Dr. Hatfield was raised in a Connecticut orphanage until his graduation from Cromwell High School in 1961. Throughout high school, he competed in track & field, soccer, basketball and cross country all four years, and was honored at graduation as "best athlete."

He joined the U.S. Marine Corps and spent his enlistment with the Office of Naval Intelligence in the Philippines. He was honorably discharged in 1964. Then Dr. Hatfield enrolled at Southern Connecticut State University.

In college, he competed in gymnastics, and was team captain in his senior year. He competed in the National (NCAA) Gymnastics Championships three consecutive years as a college gymnast, and was the SCSU charter president of the National honorary athletic fraternity, Sigma Delta Psi. He graduated with honors in 1969, earning his Bachelor of Science degree in health, physical education & recreation.

Following graduation, he accepted a teaching fellowship at the University of Illinois at Champaign/Urbana, earning his Master of Science degree in the social sciences of sport. His doctoral studies at Temple University (Philadelphia) were completed during his tenure there as a teaching associate. His doctoral competency examinations were successfully completed in the social sciences of sport (psychology, sociology and motor learning). He was awarded his doctorate (Ph.D.). degree in 1973. Early in his career he was cited in "Who's Who in American Education," and voted one of the "Outstanding Young Men in America."

Following professorships at Newark State College and Bowie State College (New Jersey and Maryland, respectively), he accepted a professorship at the University of Wisconsin (Madison) in 1976, where he conducted research in sport psychology and taught undergraduate and graduate level courses. In 1980, Dr. Hatfield left Academia to begin a fitness equipment and training facility business in New Orleans. The lure of working for the largest health and fitness industry in the nation, however, took Dr. Hatfield to California in 1983. He launched one of the most successful sports training magazines in the country for Weider Health & Fitness, Inc. in 1985,Sports Fitness (later renamed Men’s Fitness).
In 1983, Dr. Hatfield studied for a brief time at the famous Lenin Institute of Sport in Moscow (USSR). He returned there in 1989 as co-coach of Team USA for powerlifting competitions in Moscow and Abakaan, Siberia. He has four training books translated into Russian, distinguishing him as one of the best known Western strength experts in the Soviet Union.

Dr. Hatfield advanced to the position of Senior Vice President of Weider Health& Fitness, Inc. by 1989, and was director of research and development for that corporation until June, 1991. He created several sports nutrition products that have grossed several million dollars annually for Weider Health & Fitness, Inc. Then, from 1991 until 1994, Dr. Hatfield served as Director of Research & Development for Titan Sports, Inc., (the parent company of The World Wrestling Federation (WWF), since renamed World WrestlingEntertainment, or WWE. In this capacity he created and launched ICOPRO ("Integrated Conditioning Programs") and conducted research.

In 1991, Dr. Hatfield was awarded the prestigious Alumni Citation Award from Southern Connecticut State University "in recognition of [his] extraordinary achievements and distinguished career." Along the way, Dr. Hatfield distinguished himself as a best-selling author, winning the World Championships in powerlifting three times and one of the most sought-after personal coaches in the country among elite athletes from several different sports disciplines. To his credit are over 60 published books (many published in Italian, Japanese, Spanish, German and Russian), over 200 articles, more than 30 world and national records in five different weight divisions (a feat never before accomplished by any athlete in any sport), and many credits in the advertising, television and film industries as an athlete, talent and sports training and fitness expert.

His most memorable accomplishment in sport came at age 45 when, at a body weight of 255 pounds, he lifted 1014 pounds in the squat (1987), more weight than any man in history had ever lifted successfully in competition.

He has been consultant to several sports' national governing bodies, national sports federations around the world, professional sports teams, and many of the leading corporations throughout the world in the sports and fitness industry. He is widely sought after as a public speaker, presenting several seminars and clinics worldwide each year. He hosted a sports and fitness radio call-in show with WALE radio (Providence). He remains actively involved in research and writing in the areas of fitness, health and sports performance. He hosts one of the most popular internet fitness and sports training sites in history,, as well as

Dr. Hatfield is currently President of the International Sports Sciences Assoyu8ciation (ISSA), lecturing worldwide in that capacity. Throughout the years he remained internationally competitive in the sports of Master's level powerlifting and weightlifting. In August 1998 he represented the USA Weightlifting Team to the Nike World Masters Games in Portland, Oregon. In June of 2000, Dr. Hatfield was inducted into the Powerlifting Hall of Fame, located in York, PA. He is affectionately known around the world as "Dr. Squat."

Workout of the Month: by Cassey Ho

POP Pilates: New Body Makeover! (Legs, Abs, Arms)

Cassey Ho is a pilates instructor & designer with a zest for life, a love for drawing, a fancy for dancing, cooking super healthy versions of everything, and smiling. All the time. She loves teaching Pilates so much - it gets her high on life after each session. Cassey feels lucky to be around such awesome people who want to push themselves to their fitness limits constantly...and with a smile. Cassey is living the uncertain but exciting life of a young entrepreneur designing yoga bags, gym bags, and all kinds of fashionable fitness gear. oGorgeous has been featured in SHAPE Magazine, Daily Candy, the Wendy Williams Show etc.

She is the Founder and Designer of the oGorgeous yoga bags. In college, she made the first bag for herself after running into trouble trying to find a cute mat carrier. When the original Beverly Bowtie was seen in her Pilates class, she realized that she wasn't the only one who was vying for fashionable yoga bags. Senior year 2009, Cassey debuted her first line. Since then, the bags have been featured in major publications such as SHAPE Magazine and on national talk shows such as the Wendy Williams Show. Cassey is currently working on the second line of bags which will include mat carriers for women, mat carriers for men, and a whole new collection of exciting women's gym bags. When not designing, Cassey teaches Pilates mat and reformer classes. When not teaching, she films workout videos for her Pop Pilates YouTube Channel while maintaining her Blogilates health & fitness blog.

Visit Cassey's Website:\

Kids Health & Fitness:

What Do You Know About Assessments?
by Ryan Krane (Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist through NASM & Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist who demonstrates breakthrough exercises that give relief from pain so you "Move Better, Feel Better and Live Better.")

Before going through with any plan, the plan must first and foremost be clear, thorough, and effective. For example, before going through any test, one has to do some research or studying beforehand. And just like before playing a game or any sport, you need some practice and training. Assessments serve a similar purpose, actually! Have you ever heard of what an assessment is?

An assessment, first of all, is an essential part of a training program. How come, you ask? Well, assessments are what allow the trainer or health professional to learn more about the client's background, occupation, prior surgeries, and lifestyle. These are important factors to determine before the correct program is created especially for the client.

So, why are assessments necessary again? We do them because it provides what us fitness trainers/health professionals the necessary information to design the right program for our clients.

In an assessment, a client can expect to find that the trainer or health professional will be asking a number of questions. These questions will be regarding background information, in order to know more about pre-existing conditions about the client. They may even ask to fill out some forms. And following this step, the client/individual will go through a dynamic postural assessment in search for muscle imbalances and movement compensations. (Simply said, a muscle imbalance is when one muscle or a group of muscles work harder than necessary, while other muscles don't work hard enough. A movement compensation is when the body compensates due to tightness and/or weakness in a particular body part.)

Ryan Krane is one of the leading fitness consultants specializing in Corrective Exercises in the Los Angeles region. Along with helping clients become healthier and pain-free, Ryan is determined to help each client meet their own personal goals in both health and life. You can visit Ryan's website at If you'd like to read tips and articles about fitness, nutrition, and Corrective Exercise, be sure to check out Ryan's blog at

John Kuzora's Quick Low Carb Breakfast Ideas

By: John Kuzora (Founder of Kuzora Fitness)

A high protein, low carbohydrate breakfast will keep you energized and reduce your appetite. But what the heck can you eat? Cereal is out. So are pancakes, muffins, waffles, and most other typical breakfast foods. The standard eggs and bacon is fine, but it gets old quick.

With a bit of creativity and a few minutes in the kitchen you can make a healthy, delicious low carb breakfast.
Try one of these recipes this month and let us know what you think!

Paleo Green Eggs & Ham

6 hard boiled eggs, diced
6 strips bacon, crumbled
2 avocados, mashed
Juice of a lemon
Salt & pepper to taste

Mash the avocados in a large bowl. Add sea salt, pepper, lemon juice, and crumbled bacon. Mix to combine ingredients. Add chopped hard boiled eggs and toss gently.

Sausage with Bell Pepper and Monterey Jack

4 cooked Italian sausage links, sliced
¼ cup red bell pepper, diced
¼ cup green bell pepper, diced
¼ cup shredded Monterey Jack cheese

Sautee peppers in olive oil until lightly browned. Add sliced sausage and cheese. Continue heating over low heat until cheese is melted.

John Kuzora, founder of Kuzora Fitness, has been training the Wake Forest, NC area since 2002. He is committed to working with each of his trainers individually & extensively, to ensure that Kuzora Fitness clients receive the highest possible level of instruction.

John's experience includes:
•Degree in Nutritional Science
•Two years in the New York Giants organization
•NSCA-CSCS (National Strength and Conditioning Association's Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)
•ISSA-CPT (International Sports Sciences Association's Certified Personal Trainer)
•Activated Isolated Stretching Flexibility Technician Certification
•Member of American Mensa

Kuzora Fitness (1976 South Main Street Wake Forest, NC 27587) / (919) 435-1960 /

Campus Corner:

Top 10 Health Tips From LeanDream
by: Alan Zimmerer (Personal Trainer)

1. Water, water, water.
It’s not easy to be far from the goal of 8 glasses of water each day and many of us don’t realize how far off we are from it on a daily basis. The best thing you can do is buy a water bottle and keep it next to you at your desk. Fill it up first thing in the morning, at lunch, and late afternoon, at the least! The more water you drink, the less water your body retains, leaving you hydrated and leaner.

2. Refuse to take the elevator anymore. Ever.
If taking the stairs is difficult for you – that’s more the reason to do it (assuming you don’t have an injury that is painful). This adds up over time to help you lose weight. Incorporate 3 minor physical changes to your routine such as taking the stairs at all times, parking further away from the door, walking to your co-workers office to get a question answered instead of using e-mail or the phone, or carrying your grocery bags to the car instead of using the cart. Always “take the hard way out.”

3. Commit to sleeping 7-8 hours a day.
Those who sleep 6 hours a night are 23% more likely to be obese, 4 hours or less – 73% more likely to be obese. Sleeping regulates two hormones: Leptin and Ghrelin. Leptin is released by fat cells and signals the brain to stop eating (fullness). Ghrelin is made in the stomach and small intestine and signals the brain to keep eating (hunger).
Leptin is lower and Ghrelin is higher in people who sleep fewer hours, pushing you to eat more. The less you sleep the hungrier you are.

4. Eat until you are no longer hungry, not until you are full!
Read this one again. This simple concept can make or break your weight loss plan. Your entire life you may have been trained to stop eating when you are full – but that’s too late! Eat until the hunger subsides and then tell yourself to stop. Try downing 2-3 cups of water near the beginning of your meal to help you feel full and stop eating before it’s too late.

5. Weight training can be safe for the large majority of the population at ANY age.
You MUST include weight training in your exercise plan if you want your results to stay and if you want to truly reach your potential.
Benefits of weight training:
1. Helps to prevent osteoporosis (a result of directly increasing the strength of bones).
2. Increases strength (not muscle size) allowing one to burn more calories during a workout, which in turn leads to more weight loss.
3. Helps one to stabilize their figure and body weight at a healthy level (means no more yo-yo-ing). Your body will naturally make adjustments to keep your body weight once you get over the hump of losing your rump.
4. Significantly reduces stress.
5. Helps regulate sleep.
6. Increases strength of tendons and ligaments, which fight against aging and injury.
7. Routine weight lifting provides a lift in energy and makes daily life much easier to handle.


6. Eat breakfast.
Studies have shown that eating breakfast alone can increase daily metabolic rate by 5%. That could lead you to losing 10 pounds in a year from doing just that!

7. Eat small, frequent meals (every 2-3 hours).
Eating regularly increases the thermic effect of food (TEF), or calories expended from digestion. Eating too much food at once suppresses TEF and causes more calories to be stored. Additionally eating regularly regulates blood sugar, reducing the temptation to overeat.

8. Do not fear carbohydrates.
A proper diet should provide a ratio of 60% of calories from carbohydrates, 20% from protein, and 20% from fat.

9. Understand Exercise.
The human body naturally adapts to your environment. Think about what type of environment your body routinely experiences. If it does not include some amount of physical stress, overtime, your body adjusts to a sedentary lifestyle because it doesn’t need to be strong to survive. Put some well-timed and well-designed physical stress into your life and you’ll be amazed at how your body changes to handle that stress!

10. Eating Healthy on a Budget.
Here’s a quick article that makes it simple to eat healthy and save money at the same time.

Don’t do it alone
One of the best decisions you may make is to admit that you might not know exactly how to get where you want to be. Hiring an experienced and quality professional will help you minimize the time it takes to see results, provide you with a plan to follow, help hold you accountable, and help you avoid injuries or potential harm from following a workout plan that is not right for you. An investment in your health is the best investment you can make.

Check out Allan's Websites: - the most cost effective online wellness program - custom online workout plans made precisely for you

Health & Fitness Business:

5 Ways to Improve Your Business in 2012
by Frank Rotella (Founder of Rofami Inc & the Rofami Health & Wellness Newsletter)

Here some great tips for growing your business in the New Year. With over 10+ years in the finance and fitness industries, I’ve been able to assist trainers, doctors, and other health /fitness professionals improve their businesses.

1. Certification & Continuing Education (Always moving forward) You’re never too advanced to learn something new. Add value to your business by receiving a new certification and by learning something new through continuing education courses. Continuing education courses are not only mandatory to maintain your certification(s), but they are a great way to increase your knowledge base to share with your clients.

2. Financial Planning (Retirement Plan, Business Planning) It’s never too early or too late to start saving for your eventual retirement or for a future financial need (new equipment, new facility, etc.). Retirement planning is often overlooked by many small business owners and fitness professionals. The typical responses I’ve heard over the years are the following: I don’t have enough money to put away for retirement or my business is too small for a retirement plan. There are multiple tax efficient plans available for independent trainers in addition to tax efficient plans available for businesses. (Rofami Inc. offers a new Financial Planning Basics continuing education course to all health & fitness professionals. Continuing education credits are available!)

3. Insurance (Liability, Health, Life, Disability) Protecting yourself, your family, and your business from unforeseen situations is critical. Each year you should review your existing insurance policies to make sure they are still the appropriate policy for your situation. Each year businesses change and family situations change. Understanding your current policies and what else is available will give you peace-of-mind going into the new year. Some policies offer new features that can potentially benefit you in a positive way.

4. Sales & Marketing Plan (Have a Plan, be creative) Each year business owners should evaluate their past year’s marketing campaigns & sales figures to determine what worked and what didn’t work. Moving forward into the new year, adjusting your marketing and sales plans is critical to your future success. Don’t be afraid to focus on the areas that were the most successful for you last year and don’t be afraid to think outside the box when adding additional revenue streams to your existing business.

5. Passion for your business (Reinvigorate your passion for your business) Take a couple of days or a week to analyze your business practices and revitalize yourself. Your passion for your business and for the products/services you provide will show not only to your employees (if you have any) but also to your clients. If you’ve lost the passion for one aspect of your business, find where your passion lies and focus your energy on that aspect of your business. The more passionate you are about your business the more success you will have. Remember that success isn’t just measured monetarily!!!!!

I read an inspirational article in your newsletter about Peter Ajello a couple of months ago. How is Peter progressing and what's his secret to weight loss?
Asked by Joe P. (New York, NY)

Answered by Peter Ajello

One of my favorite weight-loss and health tips is Juicing:
Juicing is the final key to promote weight-loss, give you a radiant and energetic life, and provide true lasting health. Health authorities recommend that we get 6-8 servings of vegetables and fruits per day, however, very few of us actually consume this. Juicing is an easy way to guarantee that you will reach your daily intake needs and absorb all the nutrients. When we juice grasses, sprouts, fruits and vegetables, their nutrients, minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, and proteins are released from the fiber and we are able to drink this in a highly concentrated way which then enables them to enter the bloodstream very quickly. Juicing doesn’t have to be a big investment. You can purchase a modestly priced juicer to start with. Once you see the results, you can always upgrade! The key is to start doing it!

On December 3, 2008 I weighed 445 lbs, was not able to get out of bed, and the Holidays were quickly approaching. I could feel nothing, was medicated on 14 different drugs, depressed and clearly in the depths of Hell.

On December 3, 2011 I completed my first 5K Warrior Dash, with 12 obstacles crawling through the mud, and leaping through fire. I ran fiercely, pushing myself to my outer most limits, and finished the race alive and with a great sense of accomplishment. This challenging adventure may sound like Hell, but I assure you I was no longer in Hell. By now I had lost 200 lbs, naturally, rid my life of all the chaos, listened to learn and learned to listen. I had crawled from the depths of Hell and back, just one inch at a time, and now celebrate health, happiness, and success!

In this New Year I wish the same for you. As Peter Tunney would say, “Nothing Happens Unless First a Dream.”

See the Warrior Dash:

Peter Ajello

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