February 2012 Issue


Fitness Article:

Severe Foot Pain Relief Easily: A Plantar Fasciitis Strategy that is Quick and Effective
Patrick Malleret Head Therapist at Let it Heal and co-owner of Barefoot Science

Foot ailments can hamper our whole existence, and Patrick Malleret, author of Foot Facts, has seen one particular ailment, Plantar Fasciitis, cripple the existence of seemingly healthy individuals. With upwards of 2-million Americans suffering each year, and a possible 10% of Americans over a lifetime, feeling the effects of this particular foot pain, it can become quite apparent why it becomes a big drain on family life and the economic life of the country.

Malleret, who has been treating a wide-range of musculo-skeletal ailments naturally for over 10 years, has found a particular strategy that seems to alleviate the severe pain involved in Plantar Fasciitis. If you've woken up one morning, hopped out of bed, and suddenly experienced incredible foot pain, it might be plantar fasciitis. Pain is both physically and emotionally draining, with plantar fasciitis being a particularly difficult condition (think toothache in your foot!). One might say, when one's feet hurt, one hurts all over. Just the simple task of moving a short distance is agonizing, particularly on rising in the morning. The typical medical treatments include ridiculous night splints, orthotics, anti-inflammatory medications, corticosteroid injections and surgery in some cases.

Malleret has found that by combining a number of natural and holistic techniques, this condition can be resolved quickly and effortlessly. First, one must address the entire body with Bowen Therapy, paying particular attention to the low back, knee and foot procedures.
Next one must consider the cause of the problem rather than the symptoms; the foot foot muscles. The reality, according to Malleret, is that the origin of Plantar Fasciitis is in the foot muscles. What occurs further up the body is simply a cause and effect of the damaged foot muscles. If you don't fix them the issue WILL return one day in the future. The only simple way Malleret has found to effectively fix the foot muscle issues is with a product called Barefoot Science that stimulates, strengthens and rehabilitates progressively foot muscles, the other way is to roll your arch across a golf ball for 3 - 4 hours per day until your foot muscles have been stimulated enough to begin working as nature intended.

Case History #1 is a 41 year old female. She is a massage therapist and a long distance runner. Plantar Fasciitis kept her from running. Three weeks after the first treatment, she had experienced 50% reduction in pain. After the 5th week, she is back to running and running further and faster then before.

Case History #2 is a 48 year old male. He had suffered from plantar faciitis on and off for over two years. He had tried orthotics unsuccessfully and was now considering cortisone injections. One week after his first treatment, he was 10% better. He was 30% better after the second treatment and 75% better after the third. As a side benefit, his knees are also 50% better. He has been able to increase work out routines without pain. He loves the stretches and sees the benefits as well as HIS responsibility in the healing process.

The holistic model of health includes the commitment and compliance of the patient, just like any exercise program! However, a well-selected modality administered weekly for 3 to 6 treatments coupled with the use of Barefoot Science insoles can bring about healing to the affected foot area. As the patient continues their part of the program, success is achieved.

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Patrick Malleret
Barefoot Science Products & Services Inc (Stimulates, Strengthens and Restores Optimal Foot Health).
Burlington, Ontario
Telephone: 905 399 8591
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Health Article:

Overfed and Undernourished!!!
By Debi Silber, MS, RD, WHC The Mojo Coach?

With 24/7 access to nutritionally depleted, technologically created, chemically treated “food,” many of us are taking in thousands of calories that do little to sustain us, let alone nourish us and encourage us to thrive. With so many of us existing this way today, is it any wonder why we struggle with our weight and health?

It’s so easy to grab prepackaged, convenient vending machine, drive thru or shelf food but what price are you really paying for all that “convenience?” Larger sized clothing, higher medical bills and a decreased quality of life are just a few. Why? Our bodies are designed to eat fresh, natural, whole foods that supply us with an endless array of vitamins, minerals, fiber and incredible nutrients. Denying yourself of what truly healthy food provides robs you of your health, youth and vitality.

Here’s what also happens when you eat this way. Foods that don’t nourish you also don’t truly satisfy you. So, we overeat in a search to find that satisfaction that those unhealthy food choices simply can’t provide. Of course all of this overeating causes weight gain and when our weight starts to impact us enough, we may severely restrict ourselves believing that deprivation and discomfort is the only way to achieve lasting health and wellness.

When we simply can’t endure the deprivation any longer, we go right back to eating the way we were eating, only to feel we have somehow failed because of a lack of willpower or compliance. These emotions often encourage self-soothing behaviors and, if we typically use food as our drug of choice, we’re looking at an ongoing cycle of mental, physical and emotional upset that could largely be avoided by changing the choices we make and the way we look at food.

Not only does this pattern chip away at our confidence and self-esteem, it keeps us on a rollercoaster ride of blood sugar, mood and weight fluctuations. It lays the groundwork for insulin resistance (a pre-curser to diabetes) and other chronic illnesses while keeping us frustrated, discouraged and exhausted. It impacts our digestive health, our adrenal glands, fertility, our skin, hair, immune system, sleep, our ability to heal and so much more.

Now, before you get frustrated with yourself and think that your current eating behavior is simply the result of laziness or bad habits, give yourself a break. For many, this eating pattern causes intense cravings, so your desire for these high sugar, empty food feels almost drug like. The sense of temporary numbing and calm you feel after overloading yourself with these foods floods your body with hormones and chemicals, which offer temporary relief-similar to a drug like state. Unfortunately, eating this way only further depletes and desensitizes your body; making it more and more difficult to achieve a healthy hormonal balance, taste sensitivity and sense of freedom as well as preventing your body from achieving a natural, healthy weight.

Can this be changed so you feel a sense of peace and calm around food? Can food be used to nourish your body and mind without fear? Can you change eating behaviors that have left you overweight, undernourished and frustrated for years, even decades? Of course! It starts with awareness and then a plan.

Debi Silber, MS, RD, WHC The Mojo Coach®, President of Lifestyle Fitness and the Founder of is THE secret behind some of the healthiest, most influential, charismatic and successful professionals today. Sign up for a free special report “The Secret to Becoming Your Personal and Professional Best,” a full year of Mojo Tips, videos and more. All free and all designed to inspire, empower and help you (and your company) reach your peak potential and ultimate success.



Professional of the Month:

Dr. Elizabeth Wheeler PT, PRC

Doctor of Physical Therapy and Founder of Launch Sports Performance

Doctor and former competitive athlete with a passion for helping others perform at their best.

through the profound personal experience of her own injuries.
Understands: the importance of participating and excelling in sport and in life.
Seeks: new discoveries in science and sports medicine.
Dedicates: herself to teaching and empowering others.
Believes: in the pursuit of dreams.

Dr. Wheeler is a physical therapist who specializes in sports medicine – helping athletes with injury rehabilitation, injury prevention and techniques to enhance their personal performance. Her commitment to helping patients achieve their personal best includes knowledge of disciplines that are expansive and not in the typical range of protocol for physical therapists. She considers advanced knowledge from a diversity of topics (such as nutrition, neuroscience, and postural restoration) as important components in helping athletes gain competence in “how to most effectively and efficiently operate their own finely tuned machine.”

Raised in Colorado, where she gained a deep appreciation for the mountains and outdoor activities, Dr. Liz is an athlete at heart. She chose her field after significant back injuries almost ended her sports career and the hope for a college scholarship. She notes, “I was fortunate enough to have physical therapists who didn’t just stick to protocol when it wasn’t working. Trying some new and unique techniques helped me get back to volleyball and to my life. I knew right then that I wanted to pursue a career in physical therapy to help athletes achieve their dreams without hesitation or anxiety from injury, too.”

Today, Dr. Liz brings her unique experience treating many different levels of athletes to a practice based in Washington, DC. From the fields of the NFL, MLB and Women’s Professional Soccer to the track of the Penn Relays, her unique group of patients is diverse but share a common goal: to be in the game performing at their best. Dr. Liz has served as Team Physical Therapist for MLB’s Washington Nationals, the Maryland Stingers women’s rugby team and also serves as the Head Physical Therapist for The Running School in New York. She has recently been named Advisor to the National Strength Professionals Association (NSPA).

Dr. Wheeler received her DPT from the College of St. Catherine in Minneapolis and vigorously pursues advanced education with the Postural Restoration Institute in Lincoln, Nebraska. She is an engaging speaker and consultant on a variety of topics regarding athletic performance including the Female Athlete Triad, Nutrition, Weight Management, and Postural Restoration in Sports.

Dr. Liz's Professional Experience
•Owner, President of Launch Sport Performance
•Team Physical Therapist for the Washington Nationals Baseball Club, MLB – 2009
•Team Physical Therapist for the Maryland Stingers Women’s Rugby Team
•Touring Physical Therapist for 700 Sundays Theatre Show
•Staff Physical Therapist for Nike Track & Field Events, 2008 – current
•Head Physical Therapist for The Reebok Running School in New York
•Staff Physical Therapist, Precision Health & Fitness in Bethesda, MD
•Physical Therapist for the 2010 Under Armour Senior Bowl in Mobile, AL
•Staff Physical Therapist, National Rehabilitation Hospital in Chevy Chase, MD

Contact Dr. Liz Wheeler at her facility in Maryland
Launch Sport Performance / 5420 Butler Road / Bethesda, MD 20815 /

Workout of the Month:

Body Sculpting: Amazing Six Minute Ab Workout

By Abs to Zen Trainer Natalie Jill


The video features Natalie Jill, one of the Abs to Zen trainers. Abs to Zen offers online workouts, connecting people and fitness. They are now offering a free, full-body sculpting workout and will have 3 new programs releasing later in February. Check out Abs to Zen:, “like” the page, and enjoy the free workout.”

Kids Health & Fitness:

USDA Says: More Fruits And Veggies For School Lunches
by Susan Weiner (Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator and Certified Dietitian/Nutritionist)

In an effort to combat the problem of childhood obesity, the USDA is changing the requirements for school lunches. These changes will affect the nearly 32 million children who eat lunch at school. The new guidelines call for twice as many fruits and vegetables, more whole grains, less sodium and lower fat diary choices. Portions and calories are based on age groups and the amount of saturated and trans fats in foods will be limited. This is the first time in 15 years that any changes or amendments have been made to the school lunch program.
Michelle Obama created the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (HHFKA), which increases funding to schools to offset the cost of the menu improvements. Only a few months ago, lobbyists fought for pizza to be counted as a vegetable serving, due the tomato paste! So although the new changes are seen as positive, it is clear that the food industry still has a strong voice when it comes to deciding what is on the menu for our nation’s youth.

Since about 17% of the children in the US are obese, these new guidelines are a welcome change. The menu changes will go into effect July 1, and will be phased in over the next three years. Schools should use the menus as a teaching tool. If the veggies are not offered in an appealing way, kids probably won’t eat them. Although children do not need to select fruits and vegetables, they must be offered.
An old menu might include: pizza, canned fruit, tater tots and chocolate milk. Under the new guidelines the menu might include: whole wheat pizza, baked sweet potato fries, carrots and low fat ranch dip, applesauce and low fat milk.

For 15 years I taught nutrition at the college level. I told my students who were designing menus to keep textures and colors interesting. A menu with bland colors won’t be selected by a child or an adult. Schools should work with chefs and dietitians to make menus interesting, nutritious and tasty.

As a parent, it is very important to speak to your child about nutrition and good food choices. If possible, try to prepare lunches at home (at least a few days per week), so that you know what your child will be eating during the day. Children require guidance when it comes to food selection. Encourage your child to eat a healthy breakfast at home, and discuss better choices for food selection if they are eating meals at school. Eating more nutritious meals at school, followed by family dinners at home will go a long way to keep our children healthy.

About Susan Weiner: Susan earned her Masters Degree in Applied Physiology and Nutrition from Teachers College, Columbia University in New York City. She is certified in “Adult Weight Management”, through the American Dietetic Association
Contact Susan:

Heart Healthy Wheatberry Salad & Champagne Vinaigrette Dressing

(Recipe provided by Gazelle Cafe & Grille)

Wheatberry Salad Ingredients:
8 oz red winter wheatberries
4 oz feta cheese crumbled or small dice
4 scallions chopped white and green
1 English cucumber, seeded and medium diced
4 oz dried cranberries

In a saucepan simmer wheatberries in 2 qts of water until tender, 25-35 min. Drain and cool. Add the feta, scallion, cranberries, and cucumber. Dress with champagne vinaigrette to taste.

Ingredients for the Champagne Vinaigrette Dressing
(Serves enough for several batches of wheat berry salad. Also good for pasta salad or green salad)
4 oz champagne vinegar
1 tbs honey
2 tbs fresh lemon juice
1 tbs Dijon mustard
2 tbs of any combination of fresh or dried herbs (thyme, parsley, basil, mint, etc)
Salt and pepper
8 oz neutral flavored oil

Method : Whisk to Dissolve the honey in the vinegar. add salt, pepper, herbs, Lemon juice and mustard. Slowly drizzle in the oil as you whisk.

Campus Corner:

Spring Break is around the Corner: 5 Tips for Getting Fit for the Beach
by: Frank Rotella (CEO of Rofami Inc.)

Spring Break is a little over one month away. Have you started to get in shape for the beach? Here are five tips for shedding some pounds before your vacation.

Eat 3-5 meals per day – The key with shedding pounds and maintaining your desired weight is eating 3-5 small meals per day. Make sure you incorporate all the food groups into your diet. Here’s a link to a great website with FREE Diet information and sample menus.

Eat a Balanced Diet (No Junk Food or alcohol) – Be disciplined. In most dining halls there is a wide selection of all five the major food groups (fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, & dairy). For recommended consumption amounts check out this FREE website.

Follow an exercise routine (cardio & strength training) – Don’t be afraid to change you current routine. Consult with a personal trainer at you school’s fitness center for a detailed workout. You should try to exercise at least 3-5 days per week for about 35-60 minutes depending on your fitness level. Don’t just take a workout from a magazine or from a website, consult with a professional trainer who can create a detailed workout for you and also help keep you motivated.

Walk or Bike to Class – Maintain an active lifestyle. Don’t be lazy. It’s amazing how many extra calories you can burn throughout the day if you were to walk or bike to class instead of taking a bus/train or driving. If you have to drive or take a bus/train; consider parking in a lot that’s not so close to your class or use a bus/train stop that’s one or two stops away from your scheduled stop.

Stay Hydrated (Drink Water.. not alcohol) – Water consumption is a critical part of your healthy lifestyle. The Institute of Medicine determined that an adequate intake (AI) for men is roughly 3 liters (about 13 cups) of total beverages a day. The adequate intake (AI) for women is 2.2 liters (about 9 cups) of total beverages a day. Every system in your body depends on water. Water aids in flushing out toxins from vital organs. It also carries nutrients to your cells.

If you would like to consult with a trainer or dietician affiliated with the Rofami Inc. Health & Wellness newsletter, contact Rofami Inc. for a complimentary consultation. / 201-566-2065

Health & Fitness Business:

How Can You Get Started Using Online Video Marketing in Your Sales Process?
by Robert Weiss (President of MultiVision Digital Productions)

Done right, video converts! From lead generation, to pipeline development to differentiating yourself during the sales process, online video marketing can provide your business with a strategic marketing edge. And taking advantage of video in your lead generation and sales efforts has never been easier and does not have to be expensive.

A marketing video converts at a higher rate than other marketing tools because a video posted on a company's website, delivers a more engaging and personal message. With 60% of business executives stating they would rather watch a video than read text (Forbes Insight Study, Dec 2010) online video's ability to captivate potential clients - turning them in to qualified leads and paying customers - is second to none.

One way companies can get the most out of their online video production is for their sales teams to reference their online video after that telemarketing call. Sending a video link to the prospect as a unique way of grasping the potential client's attention and educating them on the benefits your company offers. Simply put, using online sales videos creates action that moves the prospect deeper into the sales cycle. Research from Forrester, ComScore, eMarketer, and other top research state between 40 and 52% of the time prospects will move one step down the purchase funnel after watching an online marketing video.

Given these impressive stats marketing with web video is one of the best ways to engage and convert casual browsers into leads and paying customers for budget conscious companies. Most businesses understand the power of video but are unsure where to get started…here are 5 types of easy to create videos to help solve the question “how do we get started?”

1. Product education / demonstration – all companies sell either a product/service and have this information on their website and talk about their products and services everyday! Now do it in front of the camera! You are the expert, show your stuff.

2. Post presentation objection handling – record answers to the top three objections your customers have and present them with confidence and conviction that will build trust and more sales.

3. Customer testimonial – your customers love you and most likely have relevant stories of your team, product, implementation and service. Find a customer for each product/service you have and start filming!

4. Key people behind your sales team – don’t your customers love your technical team and back office staff!!! Give your sales team videos that shows prospects your talented team that will be servicing them post-sale....taking the focus off the "sales person".

5. Thank you overview video – send a video after that important sales meeting to remind the prospect of your firm’s key value propositions and experience.

Video reaches out, informs and builds trust with your customers quicker, easier and more effectively than any other marketing medium. So companies that start using video content marketing will gain a quick competitive advantage and put themselves ahead of their competition.

And doing it sooner rather than later will provide a marketing video production for your business that will become a useful everyday tool in the life of your sales and marketing processes.

Just like 10 years ago when your needed a website to be competitive, soon every company will be investing in video. Don’t wait until you have to catch up to your competition… gain a competitive advantage today and get your first series of marketing videos today.

Robert Weiss
President | MultiVision Digital Productions
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Phone - 646.319.8609

I think your newsletter is an easy read and I love the great health and fitness articles. I'm getting back to the gym more frquently now and was looking to purchase new fitness clothes. Would one of your contributors have any tips for women purchasing fitness clothes?

Question Asked by: Diane G. (Franklin Lakes, NJ)

Answered by Sharon A. Sears O'brien (Owner of Active You Inc.)

5 Great Tips for Women on Purchasing Fitness Apparel.

1. Fabric - What type of fabric are you looking for? Mosture wicking, cold weather, organic, rain gear, or cotton.

2. Qualtiy - How long would you like the item you purchase to last.? How well would you like the item to wash and wear?

3. Price Point - Take all the factors into consideration: fabric type, manufacturer, style, wearability, store or internet site that sells the item/s. Remember the old saying you get what you pay for!

4. Color - What color will you wear, not what color you think you will wear, or like. Purchase only the color you will wear.

5.Try on - You should always try on the item or items you are gplanning to purchase, if you can of course. As most manufacturer and some styles run differently.

Sharon A. Sears O'brien of Active You Inc. has 24 years of experience in the fitness apparel business. Active Your Inc.

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