May 2012 Issue


Fitness Article:

Why do I have chronic pain?
by Ryan Krane
(Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist through NASM & Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist who demonstrates breakthrough exercises that give relief from pain so you "Move Better, Feel Better and Live Better.")

Often times, people tend to be couch potatoes. When you think about it, we've all been that person at one time or another in our lives. However, lazing around too much can have its apparent physical downfalls. Aside from the fact that it takes away time to better your health and fitness, it can actually hurt you over time. And this is where the anterior pelvic tilt comes in. Have you ever heard of it before?

Well, let's get into it, shall we? The anterior pelvic tilt occurs when the hip flexor muscles (iliacus and Psoas) suddenly tighten up and become overactive.

They rotate forward then tug on the top of the pelvis and the lumbar spine, which is located on your lower back. Hence, its name: the anterior pelvic tilt. It brings forth the pelvis, which then causes the tilt.

Furthermore, another cause of this is an underactive glutes. These parts are not very strong, which will then permit the tight and overactive deep hip flexor muscles to be able to tug on the pelvis and lumber spine forward. Commonly, this is a pain people find in their lower back. Have you personally ever experienced this?

So, how exactly do you fix these issues? Well, corrective exercises are the solution to that. To give the pelvis a chance to return to its upright position, try some stretches to loosen the tight deep hip flexors. As for the glutes, also try isolated strengthening to correct the anterior pelvic tilt.

Check out one of Ryan's Great Vidoes.

Ryan Krane is one of the leading fitness consultants specializing in Corrective Exercises in the Los Angeles region. Along with helping clients become healthier and pain-free, Ryan is determined to help each client meet their own personal goals in both health and life. You can visit Ryan's website at If you'd like to read tips and articles about fitness, nutrition, and Corrective Exercise, be sure to check out Ryan's blog at

Health Article:

Conservative Case for Socialized Medicine
by Alex Lubarsky(CEO of Health Media Group, Inc.)

When my son was about eight, he and some of his friends decided to have a little fun by sliding down the roof of our house, luckily the crew of daredevils did not get hurt. When my wife found out about it from a neighbor, she promptly punished the boy for a month, essentially taking away his freedom and what little independence he had once enjoyed.

Similarly, when we behave in a self-destructive manner, someone, in this case our government, will want to step in to save us from ourselves. Do you think healthcare would be on the minds of our politicians if the country was mostly well? They are not, for example, looking to take over fine watch manufacturers, because all of our watches work without skipping a beat, so no one gives it any thought. Our health as a nation, on the other hand, is in emergency care. It’s a highway catastrophe, with the patient sprawled on the ground, bleeding and gasping for air. So emergency crews are rushing to the scene to try and rescue the victim. Obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease are a rampant; it is a modern version of the Black Plague, infecting the adult population as it slithers towards the youngest among us. In fact, the fastest growing contingent of obese people in the United States is made up of six-month-old babies.

Now that we have this unprecedented demand on our system of care, everyone who is not well, and that is most of our population, demands to have unlimited access to a personal entourage of highly trained medical professionals, and…they think someone else should be paying for it.

Before I go any further, let me just say that I hate socialized anything. I think anyone who can entertain these ideas has not lived under that kind of soul-stealing, everything-for-everyone-yet-nothing-for-anyone system and perhaps has to experience it firsthand before the reality of its dangers slowly begins to unveil. So, in that regard, maybe socialized medicine in the United States is just the toxic medicine that the doctor ordered.

The other point I would like to make, as I lay out my case for the government’s takeover of our healthcare system, is that the loss of freedom is usually in direct correlation with apathy. When we stop caring about something, we create a vacuum for some opportunistic entity to take over. If we stop caring about our garden, for example, weeds will take over the garden. If we stop caring about our freedom, there are plenty of sinister groups ready to subjugate us and take away everything we hold dear. And if we stop caring about our health, the government will look to impose something like the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

So if we, as a nation, have neglected our well-being for so long that the situation has become dangerous to the future of our survival, maybe we no longer deserve to be in charge of our own healthcare. Maybe the government will do a better job taking care of you then you. Clearly, they can’t do any worse.

I hope you are at least a little angry, for having me suggest that you, an American citizen, a smart, independent thinker, and one responsible for building the most advanced and prosperous country in the history of mankind, is not capable of making decisions about your own life, and that you would be better off with Big Brother looking after you. Perhaps now we can examine this situation from something of a different perspective. If, let’s say, you don’t care about your health, and if on a daily basis you do a hundred things to undermine it, yet nothing to improve it, then you don’t deserve to live in freedom. Even if this government attempt to take over healthcare fails, which it will, it does not leave us any better off. We are all so sick that we can’t afford to maintain our self- imposed lifestyle diseases indefinitely as this current system of care is designed to do.

In my mind, the answer is twofold. First and foremost, we must take responsibility for our own health and well-being; we must understand its value in relation to our life and everything we consider important. We must begin educating ourselves on the fundamentals of a lifestyle that fosters vibrant health, and we must reverse this dangerous trajectory of homicide via self-inflicted wounds, if not for ourselves then for the future generation, for our children.

Second, we must shift the teeter-totter of the current model of care from a focus on disease to that of prevention and wellness. Today we’re spending almost 3 trillion dollars per year handing out band-aids at the proverbial highway pile up, one that is still going on, growing and picking up momentum, with a new crop of victims every day that will need attention and more emergency care from our government. So really, our politicians are simply trying to do what they have been asked, indirectly, by the people they serve. We asked them to protect us, to save us in an emergency, and this ‘Three Stooges Tango’ is their laughable attempt.

The future of this nation is threatened by the trajectory of the health of its citizens, and we are looking to the wrong institutions to save us. The fire department is awesome when there is a fire, but virtually useless if you keep setting yourself on fire. Government is wonderful, especially the one in the United States, for the purposes it was designed, but clumsy and almost comical when you ask it, through your actions, to run your life.

Make no mistake, the situation is dire, but the answer to our national health problems, and the fate of our freedom as individuals to make decisions about our life, is dependent on whether or not we choose to get off the roof and start living like responsible adults.

Alex Lubarsky is the founder of Health Media Group, Inc., host of the weekly Health Media LIVE radio program, and one of the organizers of the NAVEL Expo. He was born in Moscow, Russia, during the reign of the former USSR. His passion is to inspire personal responsibility and the freedom that it fosters.

Alex Lubarsky, CEO
Health Media Group, Inc.
PO Box 40
Cedarhurst, NY 11516
Tel: (516) 596-8974

Professional of the Month:

Ken Weichert
(Master Fitness Trainer for the US Army)

Ken Weichert (a.k.a. “SGT Ken”) is an international speaker, six-time US Army Soldier of the Year, Master Fitness Trainer, Master Resilience Trainer, Counterintelligence Agent and highly decorated combat veteran. Ken has trained over 350,000 Soldiers and civilians through Operation Fit to Fight, has written over 100 articles for GX®, Backpacker®, Outside®, Health®, and created the fitness and health education for the National Guard website. Ken founded the longest-running Boot Camp fitness program in America, START Fitness®, and has starred is several best-selling fitness videos. Ken is the recipient of the Can Fit Pro 2011 Best New Presenter of the Year award and has been featured numerous times on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox news. Through iostudio, Ken is a continuing education provider with ACE, NASM and AFAA for the Tactical Fitness Trainer (aka “Boot Camp Instructor”) courses (levels 1-3). Ken’s mission is to provide superior fitness and resilience training to help people manage stress more effectively and live more satisfying and rewarding lives.

Ken Weichert is not only a Master Fitness Trainer for the ARMY, he is also formally trained in performing arts. Ken is a 1985 graduate of Player's Workshop of Second City (improvisation study and performance school) in Chicago, Illinois. Other graduates of Second City include Jim and John Belushi, Dan Akroyd, Chevy Chase and Bill Murray. He has performed the lead role in over 150 theatrical productions and starred in his first feature film, Silent Night, Deadly Night: Part 2 in 1987. Ken taught Advanced Acting as well as other theater courses at the University of Southwestern Louisiana between the years of 1992 and 1996.

Over the course of his seventeen-year career with the military, Ken has advanced from Private to Staff Sergeant. He has assumed the role of Intelligence Assistant, Squad Leader and Counter-Intelligence Agent. He has also placed six- times in the annual ARMY Soldier of the Year contest. Ken is a veteran of Operations Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom.

After fracturing his back his senior year of high school, physical fitness and total body wellness became very import to Ken. He used military exercises to restore his back strength and walk again after being partially paralyzed for four weeks. Ken Weichert joined the United States Army in 1988. In 1993, Ken became certified as a Master Fitness Trainer. In 1999, Ken combined his theater and military experience with his background in physical fitness program for civilians.

Since the inception of START Fitness® Ken has been featured as an expert in fitness on the History Channel's, Tactical to Practical and telling his story from the front lines in Iraq on Nightline with Ted Koppel.

Check out Sgt. Ken's Website:

Workout of the Month:

Body Sculpting: Amazing Full Body Sculpting Workout

By Abs to Zen Trainer Natalie Jill


The video features Natalie Jill, one of the Abs to Zen trainers. Abs to Zen offers online workouts, connecting people and fitness. They are now offering a free, full-body sculpting workout and will have 3 new programs releasing later in February. Check out Abs to Zen on Facebook & YouTube: /, “like” the page, and enjoy the free workout.”

Kids Health & Fitness:

Growing Healthy Children.
by LaTonya Baruc

Children are today’s seed for tomorrow’s harvest. They are full of promise, which will one day yield a bright future. It is important for us as parents to “equip” them with morals, values, and healthy habits to carry out a prosperous plan for the future. As parents, we are entrusted with the responsibility of being their teacher and mentor. A key characteristic of a great teacher is being a great student. In other words, in order for us to teach our children how to live healthy, we should also be students of living healthy lifestyles. How many times have we told our children something only to turn around and say it over and over again? We can attest to the fact that children are not always listening, but they are always watching. Since our children are our audience, we can optimize the opportunity and teach healthy living.

What is a healthy lifestyle? A healthy lifestyle is a lifestyle that consists of healthy habit. The great thing about a habit is that it can be broken or created. Mothers are usually the Chief operation officer of their homes. We have a big influence in our homes, so it is important to take an assessment of our health (not our size). What does your “health walk” look like to you? For example, it is a known fact among my five kids (1yr old boy, 3yr old twins, 5yr old and a 14 yr old) that fitness and wellness is a huge part of my life. They are aware of the fact that I am exercising during their nap or early in the morning before they wake up. Sometimes, I will even include them into my workout as the weights and they love it. During the day (in spite of how hectic it gets AND BELIEVE ME IT DOES) I am not missing a meal. They see me drinking my protein shakes. They understand on a basic level the importance of good food verses junk food. This is not to say that can’t have candy, cookies, or chips. However, they are learning to how to use moderation. I teach my children healthy living by living it out in front of them. This is my “health walk”.

The following examples are what I have used to help form healthy habits among my children:
• Always leave water or other healthy beverages assessable for them to grab.
• Leave fresh fruit and veggies in their view for them to snack on
• Allow them to get involved in menu planning
• Allow them to request healthy food from the grocery store
• Let them help you create and make healthy alternatives to junk food. For example, a few weeks ago we made homemade tortilla chips and they enjoyed it.
• Have silly time with them. For example, let the little kids play freeze dance. Since the older kids are too cool for “ freeze dance”, a dance – off or competition may get them involved.

As a woman, I am aware of the fact that we can be really critical of ourselves. There is always something to we would like to “fix”. However, it is crucial to understand that as moms we are a “mirror” for our daughters and a “portrait” for our sons. In other words, we are showing our daughters what it is like to be a woman. For our sons, we are what they expect a woman to be like. Men don’t marry their moms; they marry what they perceive a woman to be based on the “portrait” their mom “painted”.

I know that when our children enter their school years they will also be introduced to the “world of the nachos and pizza line. This is a great opportunity to further instill the importance of moderation. This is also why it is important to use healthy alternatives to junk food. We don’t want them to be fearful of junk food or feel ashamed for eating cake. We want to empower them to rise above the monotony of unwise lifestyle choices. We can do this simply by living it out and encouraging/ applauding them for making healthy choices. Moms understand that it will be from your years of dedication that will pave the way for a healthy future for your children and their families. As we come together as moms we have the power to make the world a better place for and through our children.

Contact LaTonya: / Facebook Blog:


Americans are increasingly seeking vegetarian menu options. The increase in what is being called "flexitarian" eating is being driven by concerns about health and the environment. This vegetarian burger is flavorful and satisfying and the texture is dense yet moist, like a juicy sirloin burger. Add some sweet potato fries on the side to capitalize on consumers who are seeking familiar favorites with a twist.

(Recipe provided by The Culinary Institute of America)

Click HERE to Watch the Video Preparation of this Recipe >>

Black beans, cooked (4 cups)
Red potato, cooked and smashed (1 cup)

Sour cream (½ cup)
Bread crumbs, toasted (1 cup)
Garam masala (2 tea.)
Cayenne pepper(1 tea.)
Kosher salt (1 tea.)
Black pepper, ground (½ tea.)
Cilantro, chopped (1 cup)
Bread crumbs, for coating burgers (½ cup)
Canola oil, for cooking (¼ cup)
Hamburger buns (6 each)
Lettuce leaves
Tomato slices

1. Pulse 2 cups black beans in a food processor with sour cream, bread crumbs, garam masala, cayenne, kosher salt, and pepper until a coarse purée forms.

2. Transfer to a bowl and stir in the cooked and mashed red potatoes the cilantro and the remaining 2 cups of black beans. Fold gently to combine and chill for 30 minutes. Form mixture into 10 patties and dredge each in the bread crumbs to coat.

3. Heat oil in a 12-inch heavy skillet over medium-high heat until it shimmers. Cook burgers in batches until outsides are crisp and lightly browned, turning once, about 5 minutes total.

4. Serve on toasted hamburger buns with desired accompaniments.

Yield: 10 portions

Click HERE to Watch the Video Preparation of this Great Recipe >>>

The Culinary Institute of America
The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) is a private, not-for-profit college dedicated to providing the world's best professional culinary education. Excellence, leadership, professionalism, ethics, and respect for diversity are the core values that guide our efforts. We teach our students the general knowledge and specific skills necessary to live successful lives and to grow into positions of influence and leadership in their chosen profession. (Support the Culinary Institute of America)

Campus Corner:

Eating Well During Final Exams
Susan Weiner, R.D., M.S., C.D.E., C.D.N.

Want to improve your grades this term? Maintaining good study habits throughout the semester, eating well, exercising and sleeping are key to achieving a great GPA. In many cases, the final exam counts for over half a course grade. Finals week is pressure packed and will test the limits of your ability to remain focused under pressure. Staying healthy at the end of the semester depends on your nutrition, sleep and exercise habits.

Here are a few tips to staying healthy and focused during finals:

Don’t Skip Meals

Make sure you eat a nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner. Include two healthy snacks each day. If you don’t have time to go to the dining hall in the morning, keep some natural peanut butter and apples in your room for a quick and easy breakfast. Enjoy a Greek yogurt with sliced almonds or walnuts as an afternoon snack or try bag of unsalted nuts and some fresh fruit. Keep whole grain granola bars on hand for non-perishable, portable snack that you can munch on during a study break.

Drink More Water and Less Coffee

Yes, I know that coffee seems to be a “must” during final exam week. It’s fine to have a cup in the morning, but drinking water will keep you well hydrated and is an important part of your overall healthy eating plan. If you want a hot beverage, try some caffeine free herbal tea or green tea. Too much caffeine may prevent you from getting the precious sleep that you desperately require. Sleep will help you can concentrate on exam day.

Avoid Overeating To Combat Fatigue

We often confuse being tired with being hungry. If you eat regularly throughout the day (meals and snacks), you will be less likely to overeat during the late night hours when studying. Overeating can actually make you even more tired. Eat when you’re hungry, drink water when you are thirsty and sleep when you’re tired.

Snack On Fruits And Vegetables

If you feel as if you need to snack while you’re studying, have a supply of fresh fruits and veggies available for munching. Keep some salsa, hummus or yogurt around for dipping. Try to avoid keeping large bags of chips or endless supplies of junk food in your room. That way you will avoid suffering from a stomach ache during final exams.

Try to Avoid Stressful People

Most college students are stressed out during exam week. However if you know that certain people cause you even more stress, try to stay away. Consider cutting back on your social media connections to reduce distractions until finals are over.

Keep Moving

Take a walk (or an early morning run, or exercise break) to help maintain your energy level. You’ll feel great and your body will thank you!

Final exam week is tough. In order to keep focused, follow the tips above and maintain a positive outlook. If you don’t eat well, you will be hungry, less able to concentrate and even more irritable. Please share your thoughts. What do you do to stay focused during final exams?

Good Luck!

Susan Weiner, R.D., M.S., C.D.E., C.D.N.
Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator

Health & Fitness Business:

by Nick Pascarella (Certified Microsoft Partner) / TruBambu

Considering Social Media Marketing and don’t know where to start. Begin by outlining clear goals for your social media marketing efforts and figuring out how you’ll measure success. Once you’ve outlined your goals, there are several ways to leverage social media for your marketing efforts.

Facebook offers exceptional, low cost marketing opportunities for small business. Facebook has millions of users, and offers a very powerful platform on which to build a presence. If you’re not already active on Facebook; you should get started right away.

Twitter has grown tremendously over the past year. For some small businesses, it offers an incredible marketing platform.

Spend a little time on Twitter’s homepage, doing basic searches to become familiar with the type of content available on the service. For example, if you are operating a small gift basket business, do some searches for various terms and phrases such as “gift basket,” “gifts,” “gift basket business,” etc. You should also search for the names of your competitors to see whether they’re on Twitter and how they’re using it. Search for your business name – your customers may already be talking about you!

LinkedIn is a business oriented social network for professionals, and it’s huge, with millions of users from over 200 countries.
LinkedIn has some powerful features that many people don’t use. You can encourage your customers, clients or vendors to give you a “recommendation” on your profile. Recommendations are useful because they’ll make you and your business more credible with new customers. If you’re a roofer, for example, ask your customers to recommend you after a successful job. You’ll find such recommendations useful and it helps your LinkedIn profile come up high in search engine results.

Another strategy involves the subject matter groups on LinkedIn. Find some groups that have a connection to your business and become involved in the conversations. Answer questions when you can, and help to establish yourself as knowledgeable about specific topics related to your business.

Although there’s more attention focused today on social networks than on company blogs, blogs continue to offer great value for small businesses. Identify 2-3 blogs in your industry, or those that focus on small business, and get into the habit of regularly reading the content and participating in the discussions. Whenever you can, try to add value by sharing a personal story about what has/has not worked for you. Get to know the writers – they can be valuable contacts for you.

Using mobile social networks and other local strategies can help too.Yelp publishes millions of reviews about local businesses. Foursquare is a combination city-guide, friend finder and competitive game. It allows users to “check in” by cell phone at a local venue and announce this via other social networks such as Twitter.

You can set up a business account on Yelp (no cost), which will let you answer questions about your business, track how many Yelp users view your business page, add information about your business, and announce special promotions. Similarly, you’ll want to sign up with Foursquare to take advantage of local advertising opportunities. Using Foursquare, you’ll be able to push promotions to potential customers who’re in the vicinity of your business.

You should also consider another local strategy such as adding your business to Google Maps. You can do the same on Bing.
Whether or not you are a party to the conversations, people will talk about your company. How do you monitor and, when appropriate, join those discussions? One way is to set up Google Alerts. Google Alerts are free email updates from Google search results about any topic you’re interested in tracking.

Multimedia (video, photos, audio) is a bit more complicated for many small businesses to execute, but can provide excellent social media marketing opportunities.

It is important to maintain brand consistency. You won’t be found if your brand is scattered across social networks using different usernames and profiles.

Seems like a lot of effort and time to do? There are many ways to streamline the process. Investing a small and dedicated amount of time to using Social Media Marketing will be far less in cost and more far reaching to your audience than the advertising approaches of yesterday.

Your Business Will Grow Wild!
Nick Pascarella|Principal
( 201.294.9157 |

Did You Know?

Top Ten Fashion Trends for Spring 2012:
Posted by Lynn Puro (Owner of MARCH in Westchester, NY)

Top Ten Trends:
10. Colored Denim
9. Floral Prints
8. Peplum Dresses and Skirts
7. Draped Pencil Skirts
6. Cold Shoulder (Cut-out) Tops
5. Color Blocking
4. Lace and Translucent Tops
3. Colorful scarves
2. Pleated Skirts
1. Color, Color, Color... ...Citrus Brights...
....tangerine, yellow, blue, lime green!

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Lynn Puro (Owner of MARCH): Stocked with fresh, contemporary styles from today's hottest and emerging designers, MARCH was voted "Best Boutique" since it opened in 2006. The address is Westchester, but the vibe is downtown NYC. Owner Lynn Puro brings together a well-edited collection of clothing, jewelry and accessories from over 60 designers to offer customers a unique shopping experience. Shop online:

Q& A Section:

With summer fast approaching my golf game needs some help. I've always had a problem with slicing my golf shot. How can I straighten my golf shot?

Asked by: Bobby G. from Chicago, IL

Answered by: Karl Fischer (Master Instructor of 555 Golf Academy).


There has been a lot said and written about ‘HAND PATH’. It is a key topic as ‘The Hands CONTROL The Golf Club’. They best act like relatively ‘Passive Clamps’. This done, ‘The Arms SUPPORT The Hands’. Then, ‘The Body TRANSPORTS The Arms’. You will recall that your ‘555 Team’ refers appropriately to the ‘Components’ from your finger tips to your ‘Shoulder Sockets’ as ‘Lever Assemblies’. Good terms make for easy learning! We strive to pick and use ‘Good Terms’!

We know that ‘The Hands CONTROL The Golf Club’!

But ‘What Creates Movement Of The Golf Club’? Unless we human ‘Golfing Machines’ are attached to the ‘Stick’, it goes nowhere. So, what moves it, how and where? Ask Good Questions! Get Good Answers!

You will recall that the ‘Lower Body Machine’ (‘LBM’) creates all the ‘Horizontal Motion’ or all the ‘Round & Round’ in the ‘Golf Swing’. The ‘Body Pivot Moves The Clubhead Horizontally’! Thus, ‘The Body Starts The Clubface AIMED Squarely ‘Down The Target or Ball Flight Line’ and then returns it to that ‘IMPACT FIX Position’ with speed during the ‘Down Out Forward &Through Swing’.

You will also recall that the ‘Upper Body Machine’ (‘UBM’) creates all the ‘Vertical Motion’ or all the ‘Up & Down’ in the ‘Golf Swing’. The raising and lowering of the ‘Lever Assemblies Moves The Clubhead Vertically’!

These are ‘Physical Facts’ and ‘Newtonian Realities’. We must be aware of them or they shall make us aware in their own ways! Guaranteed!

The above known, ‘PIVOT Producing All The Horizontal Power and Motion’, we understand that ‘Resistance and Brace Leg Drive’ enables this ‘Horizontal Forward Thrust and Motion’. Thus, ‘The Brace Leg Delivers’ ‘The Body and Lever Assemblies’, ‘The Brace Hand and The Clubhead’, ‘Through The Ball’.

Thus, ‘The Ball Goes Where Your Hands Go’!

Check out Karl's 555 Golf Academy Website >>>

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