September 2010 Issue


Motivational Message of the Month by the Famous Vince Lombardi

The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will.

Leading a Healthy Lifestyle is Attainable!!!
By Frank Rotella: (Creator of the Rofami Inc. Health & Wellness Newsletter)

Leading a healthy life for some people can seem difficult or even challenging. Today, I wanted to introduce you to some great websites that can help you lead a more happy & healthy lifestyle.

Globally Fit & Well:
This website provides a comprehensive Health Risk Assessment including individual and employer reports. They help each member start and participate in health improvement plans, provide many different ways for each member to take action, and give you cost-effective ways to change personal health habits. Globally Fit and Well provides a positive, change-promoting program for members who are struggling with obesity, smoking, relationship or addiction problems, depression, inactivity, and many other issues that affect health costs and worker productivity. This website & service is ideal as an additional benefit that businesses offer their employees, but it’s also ideal for individuals looking to maintain or improve their lifestyle.
(Contact Rofami Inc. for special pricing details and access to the Globally Fit & Well website.

American Heart Association:
The mission of the American Heart Association is the following: To build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. That single purpose drives all we do. The need for our work is beyond question
“Life’s Simple Seven” is an interesting concept offered on the American Heart Association’s Website: 1. Get Active, 2. Control Cholesterol, 3. Eat Better, 4. Manage Blood Pressure, 5. Lose Weight, 6. Reduce Blood Sugar, 7. Stop Smoking.
The Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, an organization of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, was established in 1994 to improve the nutrition and well-being of Americans. Toward this goal, the Center focuses its efforts on two primary objectives:
1. Advance and promote dietary guidance for all Americans, and
2. Conduct applied research and analyses in nutrition and consumer economics.
The Center's core products to support its objectives are the following:
• Dietary Guidelines for Americans
• MyPyramid Food Guidance System
• Healthy Eating Index
• U.S. Food Plans
• Nutrient Content of the U.S. Food Supply
• Expenditures on Children by Families

Hope you enjoy these websites and see how they can add value to your lifestyle.

Workout of the Month:

Under 10 minute Pylata workout that will rip, tone, and stretch your entire body!
Submitted by Sean Vigue

What is Pylata? Pylata is an extreme workout series created by Sean Vigue that combines the core blasting of Pilates with the interval intensity of Tabata and ends in a soothing Yoga cool down. Every advanced workout is under 20 minutes and uses only your body weight, gravity, and a hell of a lot of energy! No weights. No machines.

Kiss the crowded gym far behind and take these workouts anywhere and do them at anytime.

Sean Vigue is the premier Pilates, Yoga, and Pylata instructor in Orlando, Florida and has taught over 4000 classes in the past 5 years. He is also the Pilates and Yoga instructor for Walt Disney World through Cast Activities. When visiting come to his many classes!
Sean's Website: / Email Sean questions at

Kids Health & Fitness:

Benefits of Kids Fitness Routines
by Darrell Morris

Exercise is important for children to keep them healthy. At least one hour of physical activity is recommended for children. Lack of physical activity can lead to childhood obesity. Children should get involved in many physical activities such as running, playing or sports. However, children can't be expected to follow any kids fitness egime similar to an adult. Children should be encouraged to build flexibility, strength and aerobic capacity. Muscle strengthening, bone strengthening and aerobic exercises should be included in their weekly activities.

As children grow up, they should be encouraged to follow a healthy routine which will keep obesity at bay and keep them health. Kids fitnessroutines can educate your children about socializing with others. Through a kids fitness regime, you can teach your children the importance of following rules. Every exercise has its own set of guidelines which have to be followed. By teaching them to follow simple instructions at an early age, you prepare them to follow rules in school.

Kids fitness routines can be made fun by including gymnastics or team sports. These sports will not only teach them discipline, but also self-respect. Kids fitness routines encourage children to stick to a program. Kids fitnessroutines that include games help children understand the importance of teamwork and getting along with other members of a team to achieve a common goal. These kids fitness routines also teach them to co-operate with people with whom they don't usually get along with. Kids fitness routines provide multiple benefits to growing children such as:

Weight Control: The research conducted in 1991 showed that obesity in children is on rise. The studies found that obesity has risen by at least 20% since 1981. Kids fitness routines emphasize the reduction of caloric intake as well as building self-esteem. Obese kids are at an increased risk of several health problems such as hyperlipidemia, hypertension, growth hormone dysregulation, type 2 diabetes and respiratory and orthopedic problems.

Bone building: Sufficient amounts of physical activity increases the bone mineral density, thereby decreasing the risk of diseases such as osteoporosis when the child grows older.

Cardiovascular protection: Cardiovascular diseases generally do not appear during childhood. High blood cholesterol levels during childhood can lead to hypertension in adults. Children who follow some kind of kids fitness routine in their growing years have lower blood cholesterol level.

You can encourage your child to follow some kind of kids fitness routine by setting a good example.
• If your child knows how to ride a bicycle, encourage him to go on ride and jog along with him.
• Exercise or stretch while you watch TV, your children will follow your example.
• Limit TV watching and participate in more outdoor sports. Take your kid along with you.
• Encourage all family members to take on physical activities
Kids fitness routines provide many benefits to children that will prove beneficial in the future. There is no reason why you shouldn't encourage your children to get into some kind of exercise or sports at an early age after looking at various things that can be gained through kids fitness.
- B.A. Human Performance, Exercise Science and Sport
- NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer
- NASM-Performance Enhancement Specialist
- First Aid and CPR certified

Recipe of the Month - "Berrylicious Frozen Fruit Drink"

Submitted by one of our youngest readers (9 years old)

3 c Frozen Mixed Berries (Blueberries, Blackberries, & Raspberries)
1 ½ c Frozen Strawberries
2 Frozen Fruit Bars (Coconut or Pineapple) – remove stick before blending
1 ½ c Orange Juice

Place all ingredients into a blender. Blend until smooth.

This recipe will yield about 4-5 cups of a healthy berrylicious beverage.

Campus Corner:

The Best of Bodyweight Training
by Marc Lebert

When it comes to athletic conditioning, most coaches would agree that the athlete should master bodyweight training before external loading. Each summer I get young hockey players that want to bench 215lbs but can’t perform 10 perfect bodyweight pushups! The kind of push-up where you are flat as a table top, your nose touches the ground first and the core is engaged throughout the set. I like the bench press as much as the next guy but for function I would definitely look at a variety of bodyweight options and how they can help the athlete.

Why bodyweight? Because bodyweight exercises are functional and translate to better athletic performance by teaching the athlete to be aware of the body as an entire unit. Bodyweight exercises can be done anywhere and require minimal equipment.
What about Pull-ups? It’s one thing to do push-ups out in the field but for a great pulling motion and tons of options we use EQUALIZERS! Very portable and not as expensive as benches and lat pull-down machines - and many would argue much more effective. When an athlete gets good at these simply ad a weighted vest, change the speed or in the case of squats ad a jump.

Many of the basic compound exercises like the push-up, pull-up, dip and squat provide a foundation of strength and neuromuscular control that will benefit the athlete for years to come. I think that these core competencies need to be well established before too many sport specific movements are incorporated. And there are many more Bodyweight exercises I love- from sprinting (the most primitive form of strength training- you have to be strong, flexible and work the muscles at speed which is most important to sport) jumps of all kinds, stop/start, change of direction, skipping, single-leg squats, hamstring drops, back extensions, lunges, jump lunges, planks of all kinds, burpies of all kinds and more!

In reality the athlete is never isolating the chest while engaged in their sport. I am okay with isolating a muscle group to get it stronger but not at the expense of training those muscles for a function. If you are running, cutting and tackling you are not working any muscles in isolation- you need stability from the ground up, balance and a stronger core. In most every athletic scenario the player is most likely standing when engaging the chest (for example) so it is important to train the chest while standing. This is the exact reason I developed the BUDDY SYSTEM (with Uni-lateral motions, unique variable tension and MANUAL resistance training) to facilitate standing chest presses/ shoulder press/ standing abdominal rotations and much more. It takes Bodyweight training up off the floor and makes it more functional (less aesthetic) and athletic.

With each athlete it is important to asses their specific movement patterns during competition. Is it specific to a few movements in limited planes or is it much more complex? This will help determine which exercises to perform and which method(s) to employ (bodyweight, sled, dumbbells, BUDDY SYSTEM, etc). In some cases when you think a particular muscle is being used it might not be. For example, in football you might think the lineman needs a powerful bench press but they are lowering their center of gravity as much as they can to push in an upward motion more akin to a shoulder press to gain a biomechanical advantage and gain leverage on his opponent. In this case you can move from a bodyweight push-up to a bodyweight pike handstand push-up/shoulder press.

Bodyweight training (and manual) has many advantages and is a key starting point for young athletes and a trusted athletic conditioning tool for old ones like myself! It maintains strength (all over), functionality and sport specific movements, prevents injury, is fun and provides lots of variety.

Good luck moving your body!

Marc Lebert is a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Club Owner, Black Belt, Certified NLP Practitioner, Trainer-Course Conductor for Can-Fit-Pro, International Fitness Presenter and Developer of the popular fitness product, The Lebert EQUALIZER and The Lebert BUDDY SYSTEM! To see more please visit

Trainer of the Month:

Cheryl Westerman from SCULPTmoves in Marble Falls, TX

Cheryl is a National Certified Professional, Fitness Presenter, Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor teaching in the Fitness Industry for over 25 years. It is her passion to educate and motivate those eager to develop their knowledge and skills towards a healthier lifestyle. Cheryl is inspired by positive influences around her and positive changes in people's lives.

Combining her passion as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, she developed an exercise concept called SCULPTmoves Small Group Training to individualize each persons workout using small equipment in the group cardio exercise room. A customized workout will be designed and monitored by the trainer. Opening her Studio in 2006 in Marble Falls, TX, Cheryl’s clients become part of a small supporting group of ladies encouraging and motivating one another during their session. This program will challenge their mind and body individually stretching their abilities to become more active, stronger, and confident in themselves. Also important, is to find ways to make it FUN but challenging for all ages!

Cheryl’s newest program is the TOWELmoves™ Workout- learning
to SCULPT with a TOWEL!
Experience: Master Trainer for COREPOLE Resistance Training, NATS Total E Fit Gym and the Gliding Disc Exercise Program.
Honors & Certifications: Recognized on the front cover of PFP magazine, featured in over 10 fitness videos and holds numerous National Fitness Certifications including… ACE and AFAA.

On a Personal note:
Best known in the Texas Hill Country as a professional children’s clown! Lollipop the Clown attends birthday parties, special occasions and has been making people smile since 1982!

Word of advice… Love & teach your children at an early age, how to maintain balance with demands of an active lifestyle, encouraging healthy eating habits, exercise, and showing your support in their childhood activities. Your kids will grow up having the passion & success of a healthy long life. It is important to be your child's role model!

Here's a link to Cheryl's website:

Health & Fitness Business:

Have you ever considered a full or part-time career as a fitness professional?
by Allison Boyd & Shannon Salisbury

Do you enjoy working out? Do you like working with people? Have you ever considered a full or part-time career as a fitness professional? If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, perhaps you should consider a career in fitness. Pursuing a career as a personal trainer and or group exercise instructor is a unique opportunity to turn something you love doing into a fun second income. Imagine how rewarding it would be to help others discover their true potential in achieving all of their fitness goals! Your love for fitness and motivating others is the first step. Second, you should consider becoming certified. Obtaining a certification will bridge the gap between your personal fitness knowledge and the knowledge you will need to help others safely reach their goals.
There are several different organizations that offer certifications and DCAC Fitness Conventions is the perfect place to explore your many options. DCAC Fitness Conventions hosts two events per year that specialize in continuing education, but we also offer certification opportunities. One in Alexandria, VA. Just outside Washington, DC and the other in Houston, TX. At a fitness conference you can attend as a novice fitness enthusiast or consumer to get your feet wet and find out what it is all about. Then, once you have decided to move forward you can register for a certification in either personal training and/or group exercise or both.

More and more consumers are interested in learning the correct and proper way to lose weight and keep fit for a lifetime, and you can help. This is the time to seize the moment and capitalize on the opportunity. The fitness business is booming despite the recession and people are turning to fitness in droves. Entry level jobs are available now in gyms and YMCA’s across the country. Once you enter the industry, and decide you like it, there are several other options that you may want to pursue including a Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist, an Athletic Trainer and even a Lifestyle Wellness Coach.

Share your enthusiasm for fitness with others and call DCAC at 1-800-DCAC-511 to find out how we can help you get started.
(DCAC Fitness Conventions -

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